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A Love Affair: Internet, Education & Cyber Security

Syed Almas Azam
3 min readJan 5, 2021


From an early age, I wanted to create things. I began by experimenting with code, from plotting pixels to form shapes and words, to building custom versions of Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman & Casino: Guess the Number games.

I became an Engineer.

“Engineers created things and could bring concepts to life.”

At First Sight

Driven by my passion for gaming and instilled with curiosity, I joined PokerStars to learn how the World’s Biggest Online Poker site operated.

I learned a great deal about Poker, Online gaming & many other exciting things there but the most influential of them all turned out to be my interest for Cybersecurity.

A Date with Destiny

August 2018, I decided to get into Cybersecurity Consulting and joined United Channels.

Here I have had the opportunity to represent top vendors in the IAM, SOAR & Data-Centric Security realms.

In my 30 months tenure, I have designed and led implementation of Cybersecurity, GRC projects for numerous Fortune 500 and government entities across Middle East.

I’d Like to Know You better

But the ever evolving Cybersecurity landscape asks of every professional, to consistently expand their knowledge and keep up with the pace.

So, I started my hunt for the right certifications, training paths to test my skills and elevate my expertise.

The hunt was executed through a google search for “Highest Valued Certifications” followed by asking my peers for their honest advice.

(Few of which, genuinely helped) Thanks @Vishal Thawani!

I’ve Never met Anybody quite like You

Amidst this state of confusion (of which path to take), a new hurdle hit us in the form of a global pandemic #covid19.

Businesses across most sectors (Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, etc.,), went to a screeching halt. Millions of people their lost jobs.

But Cybersecurity industry thrived and spurred to a different level.

Reports indicate that the only sector (besides healthcare) that infact increased it’s hiring pace was Cybersecurity.**

I Want to See You Again

As we enter 2021, we’re hoping for alot of things to improve.

But the ever-widening Demand v/s Supply gap for Cybersecurity professionals doesn’t seem to change anytime soon. The problem isn’t lack of information, it is in-fact the exact opposite.

1) Aspirants are in a state of ‘Analysis Paralysis’ having to choose from a plethora of Certifications & Training paths. Every institution boasts it’s certification as the ‘Gold Standard’ and Students are in confusion due to lack of right guidance. (I mean, not everyone is lucky enough to have Vishal as their peer)

2) Moreover, most of the students based in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt etc., don’t have the means to afford certifications.

Hence, for the Love of Internet, Education & Cybersecurity, I am setting sail with an army of comrades to solve these two challenges for our Community.

Learn how we’re going to Solve these Challenges in my upcoming announcement.

Until then, I invite You to embark upon this journey with Us. By:

  • Debating (in the comments below) — how impactful do you think solving these challenges could be?
  • Recommending — any more problems we should think about addressing?
  • Connecting us — with potential advisers to make this journey a success
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